The HAVEN Developments team has a combined 75 years of experience in real estate development, and SIX25BV is our new project that connects you to the city you love. One of our most distinctive philosophies is that we only build in locations with superior access to transit. After very careful consideration, we planted our flag in the Bayview Village community because it has that elusive combination of connectivity, personality and liveability that forms the cornerstone of today’s best urban design thinking.

As shareholders in our developments, we are truly committed to the success and quality of each project. Through our involvement in every aspect of the development, we maintain the highest standards of quality control along the way.

In addition, we firmly believe Bayview Village is the future of Toronto. So it was only fitting that we should design a building that provides the area’s future needs and desires today. From inspirational architecture to a luxurious array of amenities designed to connect residents with their city, community and fellow homeowners, it’s a project that embodies the genuine passion we have for the community and the art of homebuilding.



Recognized for executing technically advanced projects of superior quality, Teeple Architects’ designs are always conceptually and practically rooted in the specific needs and aspirations of each building. Inspired to find innovative and appropriate solutions for each new project, HAVEN and Teeple have combined years of expertise to design the modern exterior of SIX25BV, changing the streetscape of Bayview forever.
With over 20 years of building communities, 10,000 beautifully built homes and high-rise condos and 20,000 homes on the way, HAVEN Developments has partnered with Empire – pioneers in the building industry. Together HAVEN and Empire will build SIX25BV and make this successful community a reality.
Internationally renowned, II BY IV DESIGN seeks out the latest in art, architecture, fashion, theatre, food and culture to fuel the imagination, while inspiring globally honoured designs. HAVEN and II BY IV were inspired by the New York lifestyle when they designed the interiors of SIX25BV. Bringing modern, warm and inviting interior design to enhance your everyday while providing spaces for socializing with friends and family or curling up in comfort on your own.